5 Best Camera Apps for Android To Take Amazing Photo

Everybody nowadays loves taking a photo but to capture a good photo you need a good camera app for that. If you’re a photo lover and want to capture the best photo as possible then look through our list of 5 best camera apps for android that will make your selfie picture amazing.

Candy Camera – selfie, beauty camera, photo editor

Candy Camera - selfie, beauty camera, photo editor

Let’s take a selfie!
With Candy Camera’s beautifying filters and silent mode, You can take beautiful selfies anywhere and anytime! Don’t miss out on Candy Camera’s amazing filters – 7,000,000 people taking selfies with Candy Camera every day!

Filters for Selfies
A diverse range of filters, designed specifically for selfies – Every Candy Camera filter will make your skin look amazing! Swipe left and right to change between filters, And find the perfect beautifying filter for a selfie! Candy Camera’s filters are shown real-time while you take a selfie, So you always look and feel beautiful with Candy Camera’s filters!

Beauty Functions
In addition to the filter camera, there are additional editing tools for the perfect selfie – Slimming, whitening, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara! Edit or use make-up stickers to look beautiful in all your selfies. Candy Camera is the ultimate beauty tool for selfies!

Stickers for every season, occasion, and trend! Decorate your selfie with Candy Camera’s huge sticker collection – New stickers are being added to Candy Camera with every update! You can find cute stickers for your selfies and artistic ones for your photography. Each sticker can be easily resized and moved using multi-touch!
Silent Camera
Take silent selfies, snapshots, or photography anywhere you go! Candy Camera’s silent mode can be used for any occasion – Never be embarrassed to take a selfie, the camera is silent!

Take multiple photos for a collage! Choose from many different grids and styles – Taking selfies with Candy Camera’s collage mode, You’ll feel like you’re in a photo booth with filters. Have fun taking selfies with your friends!

Candy Camera – selfie, beauty camera, photo editor App User Reviews:

– “I am using this such a awesome filters and nice app with charismatic video shooting filters Basically using filter of this app which is really nice comparing other.”

– “Add photo collage option.. Great filters.. this is good for who mostly uses back camera.. I love this one.”

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No. 4 Google Camera App

Google Camera App

Never miss a moment with Google Camera, and take fantastic pictures using features such as HDR+ and Smartburst.

Google Camera App Features

  • HDR+ – Take pictures using HDR+ to capture fantastic photos, especially in low-light or backlit scenes.
  • Video Stabilization – Capture exceptionally smooth videos even if your hands shake.
  • Smartburst – Hold down the shutter button to automatically capture a stream of photos and make moving GIFs.
  • Photo sphere – Create immersive spherical photos.
  • Lens Blur – Add elegant background blur (bokeh) to close-up pictures.
  • Slow Motion – Capture action in epic slow motion video (up to 240fps on some supported devices).

Google Camera App User Reviews:

– “It’s wonderful, works easy. Lacks manual controls but if you are a Pixel user it won’t budge! I’m currently using 6 version. Now it supports external mic. Thats fantastic. It’s also very good for film making.”

– “The goggle camera app is the best out there . No doubt about that. The low light photo is massively improved with the night mode feature. The only thing not recommended is the front camera as it takes mirror selfie. Please either change it or add an option to turn the mirror selfie on/off in settings. Becoz although the front camera is amazing, usually photos are avoided being taken on it. Kudos”

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No. 3 Retrica Camera App

Retrica Camera App

Retrica is a beautiful camera app with powerful tools for taking selfies, personalizing your photos, and sharing images with friends. Express yourself with mesmerizing filters and discover new interesting people.

Beautiful camera filters for any occasion
We have 100+ filters to choose from. And you can see them in real time, before you take your selfie — which means you can focus on capturing your good side instead of editing.

Multiple different looks
Need to make your colors pop? Want that washed out beach look? How about some vintage camera light leaks? Whether you want retro or remarkable, Retrica has you covered. Double tap to adjust each look to juuuuuust the right amount.

Stand out with videos, and GIFs
A tap will take the perfect snapshot, and a long press will capture live video. Switch into GIF mode and turn a collage or video into your very own GIF-able moment.

Easy Instant Collage
One picture not enough? Take multiple selfies and turn them into a beautiful collage instantly. You can turn your phone into a retro photo booth with the touch of a button.

Fun stickers, stamps, doodles, and more!
Over 100 stickers to decorate and edit your shots. Make your videos pop, embed a personal message on your selfie, or add the date and time with Retrica’s creative stamps. We’ve got tons of ways to decorate your selfies.

Chronological Follow Feed
When you follow someone on Retrica, we show you all of their posts in reverse chronological order. Always. We never hide photos or videos from the people you follow.

Send private messages
Retrica isn’t just a camera, it’s also a community. Meet and make new friends in Retrica, and send private messages with our new direct messaging feature.

Upload your beautiful selfies to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. In Retrica, your followers can see every shot you choose to share.

Retrica Camera App User Reviews:

– “I like this camera very much. I don’t want to use any camera except retrica…. I m very satisfied from retrica and I recommend everyone to download this.”

– “Retrica is the best. I was not getting any better app which consists of good filters and finaly I got. Awesome I’m speechless to describe it Really amazing Having the features to share on public like a social media Actually I didn’t have typed this much to rate any app but I can’t control myself to stop to rate for Retrica Great Everyone should try at least once. The inventor of this app is brilliant”

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No. 2 Best Beauty Camera

Best Beauty Camera

Best Beauty Camera is a camera for selfie and photography, which provides you with a various of selfie filters, interesting stickers, amazing effects and all- in- one photo editor with acne removing, teeth whitening, eyes enlarge… what’s more, you can use features of collage and frames to turn your photos into perfect and popular ones! Want know more about us? Just click to download and explore!

Best Beauty Camera– selfie camera & photo editor & live stickers
Best Beauty Camera is not only for selfie but also for photo edit! It has a large collection of live stickers, making your every selfie more vivid and funnier! We have more than 100 stickers as puppy, cat lady, policeman, cool sir, flowers, glasses! This selfie camera is a specially designed for beauty and editor, which means when you casually snap a photo, you can add any effect here to beautify it! Taking a selfie, edit it with our perfect camera, you will find a more gorgeous one displayed in front of you! whenever you want to take perfect and flawless selfies, we are here for you!

Best Beauty Camera– beauty camera & auto-beautify & Make up.
Best Beauty Camera is a selfie camera with auto-beauty, function of make up. We bring a easier way to you to make your every selfie as charming as you are. Just wake up from a sweet dream? It’s no problem! Use Best Beauty Camera to modify your morning selfie, with only a short moment, your cute & sweet selfie could be taken! Only one tap, you can make up with our awesome features! Auto- beautify is for removing the acne and freckle, decreasing the dark-circle, brightening your eyes and teeth!

These two features are explained as below: Professional beauty tools for your skin makeup, slim or face reshape, remove wrinkles Hundreds of makeup effects to choose. Smart detect your skin status and put different filter on your face! New makeup and beautify features give you an amazing selfie experience. With Best Selfie Camera, you can apply your face with lipsticks, contours and eyelashes, to brows and hair colors, faux freckles and glitter! Best Beauty Camera– Real-time Selfie Filters There are more than 100 different filters for you to choose! Enjoy our free filter packages for selfie, we have styles like old school filters, vintage-feel, pastel colors, film-effect, black & white and more! Realistic filters to make your pictures popular! Create your favorite style of filters, add these amazing filters to your selfie! All filters are free! Funny & cute Stickers300+ live stickers for beauty selfies are placed in the store, which is free for limited time!Cute characters like Bunny, Kitty, Puppy, and more styles of stickers are available Best Beauty Camera! Each size of sticker can be modified by yourself, just use your hand and the sticker will be changed by your gesture! More interesting and cool features will be coming soon, stay tuned and we will be rocking out!

Best Beauty Camera App User Reviews:

– “Awesome app. yes! I can video record. Take nice pictures.”

– “It very good and makes your picture more beautiful. Easy to use.”

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No. 1 Bestie – Camera360 Selfie

Bestie - Camera360 Selfie

Howdy! Introduce you Bestie, the best of selfie camera apps of the year, developed by Top Developer Camera 360.

Real-time Skin Beautifying Effects

  • Natural & radiant complexion retouching
  • Exquisite face feature & contour reshaping
  • Adjustable skin smooth, whiten & brighten effect
  • Smart acne, blemishes & pimples remover
  • 100+ filters developed for portrait selfies

Stunning Filters for Portrait

  • Professional portrait photographic filters
  • Designed & developed for different self-portraits scenarios
  • Each filter could be applied with 1-100 degrees
  • Collect and manage your favorite filters
  • Real-time filters for photo and video snap

Play with Animated Stickers

  • Easy cosplay cute characters like Bunny, Kitty, Puppy, and more
  • Makeover with headdress, tiara, jewelry, and other ornaments
  • Makeup with animated face stickers and funny emoji
  • Accurate face recognition and tracking technology
  • More fun with grid shot

All-in-one Selfie Camera

  • Fast and fluent to take a selfie, capture your best moments with no fuss
  • Night camera mood that allows you to take a quality selfie in dark
  • Camera timer could be set to take a photo after 3, 5 or 10 seconds
  • Touchscreen and Auto option that set your hands free
  • Wide-angle lens, real-time filter & stickers, video shot, grid shot…

Intelligent Beauty Editor for Your Photo

  • Quick-fix that auto contour your face and retouch your skin for album pics
  • Auto detect face features, smooth and whiten only facial skin, slim face contour
  • Auto detect eyes and allow you to enlarge, brighten, change eye color, or remove eyebags
  • Exquisite removing acnes, blemishes & pimples and make a flawless selfie easily
  • Cute and original stickers to decorate your album photos
  • Magic Brushes that helps you to blur photo background, decorate or highlight objects as you want

Bestie – Camera360 Selfie User Reviews:

– “This is the most significant web programmer app on android. On the first installation, you pick the version of PHP you use from the official builds. It has the most effective settings page I have observed using the Android UI. However you get all the choices you require. Be particular about what addresses and interfaces that you’re receptive to. Establish base route. It is as complicated as is required. However it is not a complex mess!”

– “Does exactly what it needs to, updated frequently, help on official website informs You How You Can connect with companion HTTP server… Use it to possess an internal website behaving as CRUD application”

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The list above are our recommended camera apps to take amazing photos using your android device. If you know some other camera apps that is good then let us know by writing a comment or suggestion bellow.

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