Best Free HD Movie Downloader App

Best Free HD Movie Downloader App

Watching HD Movies is a good way to relax, coping with stress, and spend your free time bonding together with your friends and families while watching and laughing together. If you don’t have a budget to subscribe to a movie streaming service then you need to have an HD Movie Downloader App that will help you get the movie that you want for free.


What is HD Movie Downloader

A good HD Movie Downloader application is a torrent client, not only it can download movies but it can download any other files also that are available on the torrent networks. Downloading movies via torrent is the best way since it is a decentralized approach and every user who is interested in a certain movie or file may share their bandwidth for other users to download. For a good HD Movie Downloader, we recommend using qBiTTorrent application which is totally available for free. After you download and install the application, you can visit our list of websites below that offers to download free HD movies.



Best Websites To Offer Free HD Movie Download

YTS – Best Torrent Site for High-Quality Movies

YTS - Best Torrent Site for High-Quality Movies 

YTS (sometimes known as YIFY) is arguably the best torrent website for high-quality movies, with over 75 million users worldwide. The site contains almost 30,000 titles, many of which come with subtitles and are available in 1080p. Its files are small and don’t compromise quality, so it’s excellent for all bandwidth levels.

It also has a clear and simple interface that reminds me of Netflix. When I searched for the film F9: The Fast Saga, it provided the tech specs, synopsis, and IMBD ratings of the film, along with a list of similar films and film pictures. But the site has been the target of several copyright infringement lawsuits recently, which raises concerns.

YTS Website URL:


1337x – Huge Torrent Library With Great Variety

1337x - Huge Torrent Library With Great Variety

1337x is a well-known torrent website with over 53 million monthly visitors and a vast selection of high-quality torrents. Most of its torrents are movies, TV shows, and music, although it has several games as well. It has been around for a long time and its community is very active, meaning that its torrents are regularly updated every few hours.

I found its user interface is simple and informative, as it includes the technical details of each torrent and other useful information. For example, it’ll display whether a show or movie has been nominated for an award or not, and the number of times it’s been downloaded (this can tell you whether it’s a good quality torrent or not). This is a massive improvement compared to a few years ago when the user interface was slow and clunky. Another benefit of 1337x is that it has very few ads compared to other sites. In addition, it only makes money through Bitcoin donations, which further shows that it values its users’ privacy.

1337x Website URL:



Although you can download any movies using an HD Movie Download, we advise downloading only those movies that are distributed for free or in the creative commons license like documentary movies or educational movies. Downloading copyrighted movies is still illegal and we don’t recommend it, you can download and watch that kind of movie at your own risk.

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