Send private items on WhatsApp that can be seen just once

View Once Photos and Videos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp now lets you send photos and videos that disappear from the chat after they’ve been opened by the recipient, making it safer to send sensitive information such as passwords. The new ‘View Once’ feature means sent items won’t be saved to the recipient’s Photos or Gallery folder, so can never be seen again, nor forwarded to anyone else. If not opened within 14 days, the sent items will be removed from the chat. However, recipients are able to take a screenshot or screen recording of the content before it disappears, and you won’t be notified if this happens, they’re also able to take a photo or video of the information with a camera. As a result, WhatsApp warns users to send sensitive information only to “trusted individuals”.

After the item has been opened, it will be marked with an ‘Opened’ label so you know it has been seen through the recipient will need to have the ‘Read receipts’ option switched on. In its blog, WhatsApp uses the example of sending a Wi-Fi password. Once you’re in a chat, take a photo or video then tap the 1 icon at the bottom (see screenshot). ‘View Once’ differs from WhatsApp’s Disappearing Messages feature, launched earlier this year, which makes messages vanish within seven days of being opened.

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