Judge Blocks Anti-5G Case Against Government

Judge Blocks Anti-5G Case Against Government

High Court judge has blocked a legal attempt to stop 5G masts from being built across the UK. The case, led by human-rights lawyer Michael Mansheld QC, was brought by Action Against 5G, which claims it’s “supported by many people nationwide from all walks of life including doctors and scientists”. The site lists several “health risks” it claims are exacerbated by radiation from 5G, including damage to nervous systems, DNA mutation leading to cancer, and “increased levels of spontaneous abortion”. Its case accused the Government of pushing through 5G plans without an “adequate and proper consideration undertaken by the relevant safeguarding authorities of the creation of those man-made public health risks”.

However, most scientists believe 5G poses no greater risk to health than other wireless technologies. In its defense, the Government cited advice from the World Health Organization and Public Health England that 5G is safe. Mrs. Justice Foster dismissed the case, saying: “The real issue is that the claimants disagree with a large body of international opinion as to the safety of 5G [and the technical advice received] does not support the claimants’ concerns”. She added that the Government’s response set out a “rational, scientifically based view that there is nothing fundamentally different about the physical characteristics of the radio signals produced by 5G compared to those produced by 3G and 4G”.

The judge also agreed with the Government’s view that the case was “out of time”, which means it was brought too late because networks had started rolling out their 5G networks in 2019, two years after the Government published its strategy for the technology. Action Against 5G responded by lodging a Renewal Notice seeking permission for a hearing and hopes to raise more money online to fund the case.

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