Apple Plan on Scrapping the iPhone Lightning Charger

Apple Plan on Scrapping the iPhone Lightning Charger
Apple has a reputation for using it’s own restrictive vents and hardware – but sources within the technology market today assert that the dongle-addicted company will ditch the iPhone’s exclusive Lightning charger in favour of USB-C. Speaking to Chinese technology newspaper DigiTimes, anonymous sources concluded that”Apple’s adoption of Type-C in its iPhones will quicken other smartphone firms’ adoption.” But with Apple supposedly”still in its redesign stage,” we won’t find a USB-C-powered iPhone until 2019, if at all. USB-C has quietly edged out Micro USB as the industry standard for laptops and mobiles over the last couple of years. True to its image as a technology leader, Apple pioneered its use, removing everything but one USB-C interface from its 2016 MacBook range, and squeezing its speedy Thunderbolt 3 technology to USB-C-shaped connectors.

The iPhone is a different beast, however, and it’s not clear whether Apple – that carries a $4 cut out of each certified connector made – is ready to abandon its proprietary interface. Remember that while the iPhone 8 and iPhone X support USB-C turbo chargers, You Have to buy a Lightning-to-USB-C converter and a harmonious fast-charging plug to gain the benefit, Because Apple conveniently left those items from the box. If the rumors are true, the switch also threats infuriating iPhone owners who shelled out for accessories like Lightning headphones when Apple removed the 3.5mm headphone jack.


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