The Wacom One Pen Tablet Connects To Your Android Phone

The Wacom One Pen Tablet Connects To Your Android Phone

In the age of tablets, styli, and Bluetooth pencils, a dedicated drawing tablet might seem unnecessary, but Wacom has other ideas. The newest member of its family of computers, displays, and tablets is the Wacom One, which brings the usual Wacom accoutrements: a 13in display, pressure-sensitive stylus, an integrated stand, handwriting recognition. There’s one impression this tablet has that the others don’t, though: Android support. It’s somewhat limited (supported handsets include a handful of Huawei models and the Samsung Note 9 and Galaxy S8 and later), and you’ll need to hook up a labyrinthine set of cables and dongles for it to work. But once it’s ready to go, your Android phone will get the full Apple Pencil treatment. And when you’re not using the Wacom One, you’ll even be able to use the Wacom One pen on your phone. Try doing that with an iPhone.


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